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Urania Pérez, MS Certified Spanish Instructor
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Urania Pérez established Spanish In Seattle in 2007. She is an educator and Spanish instructor who provides professional and quality Spanish instructional services to her students. Urania is a native Spanish speaker from Venezuela and holds a BA in Education and a MS in Geography. Spanish In Seattle services include small group classes and private lessons from beginning to advanced levels. Lessons are fun and interactive and include situational role playing exercises. Sign up today to start learning Spanish with Urania's help.

Classes &
  • Spanish for your work place or university
  • Medical vocabulary in Spanish for health care providers
  • Grammar, culture and conversation classes
Customized Private or Semiprivate Lessons:
  • Private Skype lessons
  • Private in-person lessons
  • AP Spanish preparation
  • DELE exam preparation
  • Spanish for work

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Medical Spanish Classes with Urania

Spanish in Seattle offers Medical Spanish classes to break the communication barrier between health care providers and their patients. Simple tasks like giving instructions, conducting physical exams, taking vital signs and receiving information from patients can become difficult when two different languages are spoken. With Urania’s teachings, these processes become much easier.

The classes are customized to the needs of the group and include one session of two hours a week, totaling between 10 to 14 hours of class time. Urania offers this class at the University of Washington Rehabilitation Medicine Department as an independent instructor. Quizlet flashcards created by Urania are included.

Contact Urania today for a free quote at 206 484-4282 or uraniaperez@mac.com

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